The Powerhouse

Solar energy is a perpetual & renewable energy source. Solar Zone harnesses this energy for powering your solar water heaters and many other devices.

The Greenhouse Effect

Everyone is contributing to the global warming effect. Why not pause, think and go for the natural source of energy for our day to day needs. Take the first step with Solar Zone.

Nurture Nature

In every language, nature means mother and we are symbiotically connected. Let us understand this great connecting thread of existence and support it in simple ways!

Solar Panels

When you commit yourself to developing natural resources, you will be surprised to find it will support the local economy, labour and materials.

Rameshth Renewables offers competent rooftop and ground-mounted solar installation services that are easy to install, operate and deliver cost-effective access to harness solar energy. Being the centre of highly experienced and skilled solar installation technicians, we deliver excellence and quality blended with innovation. We do solar consultation and solar installation with EPC and O&M in Delhi. We execute the contract of Solar rooftop Projects successfully as well.

Being experts in solar installation in Delhi, we strive to deliver projects within projected time and budget. Our technical teams function and check for the maintenance of installed solar power plants and offer genuine reporting on various activities and generation facilitation. Our streamline services of solar installation in Delhi are the best way to harness solar energy and are delivered under the guidance of government policies.

Solar Installation Company in Delhi-NCR | Rameshth Renewables

Why Choose Us?

Solar Site Audit | Rameshth Renewables


We provide a no commitment site audit to assess the best system for you. We explain the benefits of solar.

Solar Design Engineering | Rameshth Renewables


Once the financial terms are finalized, we design and engineer the system using state-of-the-art equipment.

Solar Installation and Testing | Rameshth Renewables


Our team will come with all the equipment to install the solar PV system. We test it thoroughly before handing over!

Solar Maintenance | Rameshth Renewables


We monitor the working of your installation, provide regular service and ensure that you get a full uptime.

We want to hear from you

Whether you have a question to ask or want to check if we can help reduce your electricity bill, reach out to us and we will get back to you.

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