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Solar Panel Mounting Structures

We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying Solar Panel Mounting Structure that is widely used for mounting solar panels. Quality tested solar panels are easy to install and by using Photovoltaic principle they generate maximum energy. These products are precisely designed in order to convert sun rays into electric energy. Our products require minimum maintenance and are available with customized dimensions as per client requirements.


• Degree Adjustment from 15Degree to 30Degree.
• Easy to install
• Light Weight
• High strength and corrosion resistance
• Minimum Space Required

Roof-Top Mounting Structures

The solar array of a PV system can be mounted on rooftops, normally with a few inches gap and parallel to the surface of the roof. If the rooftop is horizontal, the array is mounted on each panel aligned at an angle. If the panels are planned to be mounted before the construction of the roof, the roof can be designed accordingly by installing support brackets for the panels before the materials for the roof are installed.

In all cases of retrofits, particular cogitation to weather sealing is imperative. There are many low-weight designs for PV systems that can be used on either sloped or flat roofs, however, rely on a type of extruded aluminium rails.

Recently, tension-based PV racking solutions have been tested successfully that reduce weight and cost. In some cases, converting to composition shingles, the weight of the removed roof materials can compensate the additional weight of the structure of the panel.

Ground Mounting Structures

Ground-mounted PV systems are usually large, utility-scale photo voltaic power stations. The PV array consists of solar modules held in place by racks or frames that are attached to ground based mounting supports.

Ground-based mounting supports include:

• Pole mounts, which are driven directly into the ground or implant in concrete.

• Foundation mounts, such as concrete chunks or poured footings

• Ballasted footing mounts, such as concrete or steel bases that use weight to secure the solar module system in position and do not require ground transfixion. This type of mounting system is well suited for sites where excavation is not possible such as capped landfills and simplifies decommissioning or relocation of solar module systems.

Mounting as a shade structure

Solar panels can also be mounted as shade structures where the solar panels can provide shade instead of patio covers. The cost of such shading systems are generally different from standard patio covers, especially in cases where the entire shade required is supplied by the panels. The support structure for the shading systems can be normal systems as the weight of a standard PV array is between 3 and 5 pounds/ft2. If the panels are mounted at exactly perpendicular

than normal patio covers, the support structures may require additional strengthening. Other issues that are considered include:

•Simplified array access for perpetuation.

•Modiring may be conceal walked to maintain the aesthetics of the shading structure.

•Raising vines around the structure must be avoided as they may come in contact with the wiring.

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